Copper Planter with Monstera Deliciosa

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Planter size (cm): 12.5W x 12H


Plant type: Monstera Deliciosa (also known as Swiss cheese plant).


Likes: Partially shaded if outdoors or bright indirect light indoors. Perfect for indoors & outdoors in warmer climate. Water when soil is dry.


Interesting plant fact: As Monstera Deliciosa plants grow bigger, they develop holes in their leaves. In fact, the natural habitat of the Monstera is tropical rainforests and by developing holes in its leaves, the large Monstera leaves are better suited to withstand heavy rainfall and wind as they let the elements pass through the holes.

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This metallic copper planter look is timeless and promises to add radiance to any interior!

The copper planter also come available with different types of plants: Philodendron Rojo Congo and Echinocactus Grusonii (cactus).


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